Can Humans Date Vampires? 5 Potential Lovers

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By: Sid Meyers

Can You Find Love with a Vampire?

So, you want to date a vampire?  Oh, right – not you, a “friend”.

Who wouldn’t want to date a being hundreds of years old, am I right?  What if they lose their mind after sexy time?  Are they only after your blood?  What if there’s a sexy wolf in this love triangle?

Can a human date a vampire? 

Lucky for you, I have the answer (the real, logical answer *wink*) just for you.

Top 5 Potential Vampire Lovers

I most certainly don’t work for a vampire dating service.  Now that we got that out of the way.  Let’s go over 5 well-known, eligible vampires.  From the pros and cons, you can see how this may benefit you (or not).

Dracula from Hotel Transylvania

Get ready for the overprotective father, who also runs the monster retreat Hotel Transylvania.  This widow is in his 500s, though his speech tends to become gibberish when faced with a pretty face. 

Don’t be intimidated by the shadow of his wife, she regrettably passed over a hundred years ago.  The not-so-young Drac is ready to find his zing again!

Pros – is a great and loving father to his daughter, drinks substituted or synthetic blood, easily embarrassed by his father, Vlad (it’s adorable, I promise), can turn into a bat, sounds just like Adam Sandler (usually), fast, strong.

Cons – will sometimes meddle in his daughter’s life, sometimes gifts puppies to people when they are not wanted, easily flustered

Considering Drac? – This widow may be for you if you like someone who is quirky and cares deeply about his family and anyone he zings with.  He understands that family matters more than monsters or humans. 

Bonus Point – He may be willing to overlook the fact that you come from a monster-hunting family and are actively trying to kill him as well.

Angel from Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If bad boys turned good is your thing, look no further than Angel.  He spent a century as one of the most brutal vampires until he killed the wrong girl.  Her family cursed him and boom he now has a soul.  After a certain relationship, Angel moved to Los Angeles and ran Angel Investigations for quite a while, where they did good deeds for the city.  He currently still does good in London (Hello, Big Ben).

Pros – nurturing, has a photographic memory, ridiculously good looking, cares deeply for his friends, thoughtful, completionist

Cons – can be overprotective of “damsels in distress”, dislikes churches, can be overbearing, prone to jealousy, brooding, gloomy, obsessive at times

Considering Angel? – So, he may still be hung up on a certain girl, but that was like 20 years ago and she was a human so . . . he’s still a possibility.  So, he may be a bit obsessive, but this man has a heart of gold.

Lestat from Interview with the Vampire

Affectionately known as “The Brat Prince”, Lestat is known for being bold and defiant.  This vampire even formed his own rock band The Vampire Lestat in the 1980s.  This tall, blonde man is passionate and well-read, even dedicating some of his time to acting in the theater.

Pros – cares about his appearance, cares about fashion, loves reading, bisexual

Cons – can be sexist, tendency to make lovers into vampires

Considering Lestat? – Lestat may tickle your fancy if you like to live on the wild side, without giving in to rules and order.  He dances to the beat of his own drum; Perhaps you would like to dance to that beat too?

Edward from Twilight

Who doesn’t want a sparkly boyfriend?  And he’s a vampire?  Where do you sign up?  Edward may be the one for you if you want someone who will spend his free time reading, studying many different topics, and is gifted at playing the piano.  When he finds the “one”, he will know and be forever faithful in love.

Pros – charming, kind, compassionate, vegetarian (AKA doesn’t feed on human blood), romantic at heart

Cons – can try to buy his way out of problems, tendency to be controlling, stubborn, overreacts, can read minds

Considering Edward? – He may be the one for you if you are looking for an incredibly handsome man with strong family ties.  Perhaps you could be the singer for him and he will find you absolutely irresistible.

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike, also known as William the Bloody, may be the unappreciated poet after your heart.  For the love of the right woman, Spike is more than willing to go through the Demon Trials, if he thinks you would enjoy him better with a soul.

Pros – devoted to those he loves, logical, loyal, monogamous, romantic, a fan of pop culture, won’t be seen missing his favorite soap opera.

Cons – drowns his problems in alcohol, borders on obsessive, enjoys the “rush” from fights, short-tempered, impulsive

Considering Spike? – Spike may be the one for you if you seek someone hopelessly devoted to you.  What other vampires can say they really sought out their soul to be returned to them?

The Meaning of Vampire Adoration

As you can see, there are eligible vampires out there, you need only to seek them out.  Can a human date a vampire?  Yes, Ma’am.  In case you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons this may be appealing to you.

  • He can drink your blood (if you are into that – Oh la la).
  • There is a good chance he is ridiculously rich (or at the very least get you what you want easily).
  • Immortality – he’s immortal, there is a good chance he may make you immortal as well.
  • He is most likely ridiculously good looking and young (to look at).
  • Commitment.  Once he meets you, he will likely only ever love you and will do anything for you.  (Face it, girl.  There is something special about you.)

For centuries now, vampires have been an allegory for sex and relationships. Modern media often portrays them as sexy bad boys and girls that entice you and leave you wanting more.

Some of the earliest vampires were regal and distinguished while hiding the fact that they were centries old and feasted on blood to survive.

While logically we wouldn’t put ourselves in constant danger of being fed upon, we have a need for thrill and the “bad boy” nature of vampires draws us in.

In case you need more, here was a handy dandy guide for how to date a vampire.  You can thank me later.  Now go date that vampire.


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