Beyond the Darkness: 8 Possessed Artifacts and Their Stories

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By: Sid Meyers

The Spooky World of Haunted Artifacts

Have you ever wondered about haunted artifacts and their origins? These are objects that have been supposedly imbued with supernatural powers, curses, or even spirits themselves.

From creepy dolls to cursed paintings, there are plenty of stories of people who have encountered these haunted items and experienced unexplainable phenomena.

Let’s explore the stories behind eight of the most infamous haunted artifacts in the world.

Why Are Haunted Artifacts So Significant?

Some people believe that objects can hold onto energy from their past owners or from events that have happened around them. This energy can sometimes manifest as paranormal activity.

In other cases, people believe that spirits or demons can attach themselves to objects and use them as vessels to interact with the living world.

Haunted artifacts have captivated people’s imaginations for centuries. Not only do they offer a glimpse into the world beyond our own, but they also give us a tangible connection to history and folklore.

Haunted artifact representation

The 8 Haunted Artifacts

Throughout this article, we’ll dive into the eerie histories and legends surrounding eight different haunted artifacts:

1. The Dybbuk Box – A wine cabinet said to contain an evil spirit.

2. Annabelle the Doll – A raggedy doll believed by some to be possessed by a demon.

3. The Hope Diamond – A gemstone with a cursed reputation.

4. Robert the Doll – A child’s toy known for its alleged supernatural abilities.

5. The Crying Boy Painting – An image said to bring misfortune upon those who own it.

6. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror – A mirror said to be home to several ghosts.

7. The Hands Resist Him Painting – An unsettling artwork with strange properties.

8. The Busby Stoop Chair – A cursed seat linked to several deaths.

Each of these artifacts has a unique story to tell, and we’ll explore the legends, eyewitness accounts, and historical facts surrounding them. So buckle up for a spooky ride through the world of haunted artifacts!

The Dybbuk Box

A Haunted Legacy

The story of the Dybbuk Box begins in Poland, where it is believed to have been created sometime in the early 1900s. According to legend, a Holocaust survivor named Havela purchased the box after moving to Spain in the 1960s.

She kept it hidden away and never spoke of it until her death in 2001. The box was then passed down through several owners until it eventually ended up in the hands of Kevin Mannis, who purchased it at an estate sale.

Previous Owners’ Experiences

Mannis claims that he had no knowledge of the box’s dark history when he bought it and quickly began experiencing strange phenomena. He reported feeling a sense of dread around the box and noticed that electronics would malfunction when placed near it.

Mannis sold the box to a man named Jason Haxton, who also experienced eerie occurrences.

Haxton claimed that he began experiencing health issues after acquiring the box, including hives and coughing fits.

He also reported seeing shadowy figures lurking around his home and heard mysterious knocking sounds at night. Eventually, Haxton donated the box to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

the actual Dybbuk Box

Ongoing Hauntings

Since its arrival at Bagans’ museum, many visitors have reported feeling unexplained sensations while viewing or being near the Dybbuk Box. Some claim to feel as though they’re being watched or followed by an unseen presence while others report feeling sudden waves of fear or sadness wash over them.

The museum staff has also reportedly experienced strange activity related to the box such as objects moving on their own or unexplained electrical malfunctions.

Despite all this documented evidence suggesting paranormal activity surrounding this particular artifact, skeptics are quick to dismiss its legend as nothing more than a hoax. Nonetheless, the Dybbuk Box remains one of modern history’s most infamous haunted artifacts.

The Origin Story of Annabelle the Doll

Annabelle is one of the most well-known haunted dolls in existence. She was first introduced to the world as a raggedy ann doll, which made her seem harmless and innocent at first glance.

However, her true story is anything but innocent. According to legend, Annabelle was owned by a nursing student who claimed the doll was alive and moving independently.

The nursing student and her roommate would often come home to find Annabelle in different positions or rooms than they had left her. The situation reached a breaking point when the nursing student’s friend was attacked by an unseen force while staying over at their apartment.

The girls contacted a medium who told them that Annabelle was possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins who had died on their property years prior. They were advised to give the doll to Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators who were known for their expertise in dealing with haunted objects.

Images of Annabelle the doll, original and movie version
From left to right: The original Annabelle doll encased for display at Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Conn.; Lorraine Warren carries the Annabelle doll; and a screenshot of a scene in New Life Cinema’s Annabelle movie. Image: Credit

The Warrens’ Investigation of Annabelle

Upon receiving Annabelle, the Warrens immediately recognized that she wasn’t just an ordinary haunted object. Ed Warren described her as “an inhuman spirit” rather than a ghost or demon.

He claimed that she had manipulated objects around his museum (where she is now housed) and even caused physical harm to visitors.

As part of their investigation into Annabelle’s possession, Ed and Lorraine called upon several priests for help with exorcising her spirit.

They also conducted experiments with psychics and mediums to try and communicate with whatever entity was inhabiting the doll. Despite their best efforts, however, they never fully removed whatever evil presence existed within Annabelle’s raggedy ann exterior.

Hauntings Since Placement in Museum

Annabelle now resides in The Warrens’ Occult Museum, which has been closed, where she remains locked away behind glass. Visitors were warned to stay away from her and not to touch her at all costs. Despite these warnings, there were reports of visitors feeling sick, fainting, or having negative experiences after interacting with Annabelle.

One particularly chilling incident involved a group of young men who taunted Annabelle before leaving the museum. The car they were driving in crashed later that night, killing all but one of them.

Some believe that their negative energy towards Annabelle caused the tragedy to occur. Annabelle remains one of the most infamous haunted dolls in history and continues to freak out those who dare to encounter her.

The Hope Diamond

History and Legend Surrounding the Diamond

The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the world, not only because of its impressive size and beauty but also because of the legends and myths that surround it. The diamond originated in India, where it was reportedly stolen from a temple.

From there, it passed through many hands before ending up with King Louis XIV of France, who had it cut into a heart shape and named it the “Blue Diamond of the Crown.” Over the years, many stories have emerged about the diamond’s curse.

The Hope Diamond

Some say that those who owned or wore the diamond experienced misfortune or tragedy, including financial ruin and even death.

One particularly gruesome tale involves a Turkish sultan who was said to have been murdered by his own sons after he gave them an ultimatum to fight to the death for possession of the diamond.

Curse Associated with It

The curse associated with the Hope Diamond has become so well-known that many people believe in its power to bring bad luck or tragedy to those who possess it.

One theory behind this belief is that the diamond was stolen from a sacred Hindu statue, and as such, is cursed by an angry deity. Despite being surrounded by so much superstition, some owners of the Hope Diamond have claimed that their experiences with it were positive.

Evalyn Walsh McLean famously wore the diamond as her everyday jewelry for years without experiencing any ill effects. However, others have not been so lucky.

Personal Accounts from Those Who Have Owned or Interacted with It

Many people who have owned or interacted with the Hope Diamond over time have reported strange occurrences or feelings while in its presence. For example, one owner claimed she felt like she was being followed by bad luck after purchasing it at an auction.

Other accounts involve sightings of ghosts or other apparitions associated with the diamond. One woman who worked at the National Museum of Natural History, where the diamond is currently housed, claimed to have seen a ghostly figure in the exhibit room.

She believed it was the spirit of Evalyn Walsh McLean, who had once owned and worn the diamond. Despite all these stories and legends, one thing is for certain: The Hope Diamond remains one of the most fascinating and legendary jewels in history.

Robert the Doll

A Creepy Companion with Supernatural Powers

Robert the Doll is arguably one of the most famous haunted dolls in history, and for good reason. According to legend, Robert belonged to a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto who lived in Key West, Florida in the late 1800s.

The doll was said to have been given to the boy by his Bahamian nanny who practiced voodoo and may have cursed the doll before giving it away. After receiving Robert as a gift, strange things began happening around the house.

Robert the Doll up close

The boy’s parents would hear giggling and footsteps coming from Robert’s room when no one was there. They would also find furniture moved around and toys scattered about.

Eventually, they started blaming their son for all these events until he finally told them that it was actually Robert who was causing all of this chaos. Over time, more creepy stories emerged regarding this haunted doll.

Some people claimed that they saw him blink or move on his own while others say they heard him whispering or laughing in the middle of the night. Robert now resides in a museum inside a glass case where visitors can take pictures with him if they ask permission first.

Personal Accounts from Those Who Have Encountered Him

Many people have reported strange experiences after interacting with Robert or even just being near him. One person reported feeling like something was grabbing at her ankles while standing near his case, while another said he heard whispering coming from within the glass enclosure.

But perhaps one of the creepiest accounts comes from a woman who claims she took a photo of her son standing next to Robert only to see a shadowy figure that looks like Robert himself standing behind her son when she looked at it later on.

Whether you believe these stories or not is up to you, but there’s no denying that something about this creepy little doll seems to have an effect on people.

The Crying Boy Painting

The Tragic Origin Story Behind This Haunted Painting

The Crying Boy painting is a mass-produced print that caused a significant stir in the UK during the 1980s. It shows the face of a young boy with tears streaming down his cheeks. The painting was a regular feature in many households, but soon after it became popular, strange and terrifying incidents began to take place.

According to legend, the artist painted several versions of this portrait, and they were destined for houses where tragedy would strike.

The Crying Boy Painting

One theory suggests that the original model for this painting died in a house fire, which could explain why the painting has been associated with bad luck and misfortune.

The Curse Associated With Owning This Painting

Many people who owned the Crying Boy claimed that their homes burned down shortly after they hung up the print. Others have reported various acts of bad luck befalling them ever since they acquired it.

The curse allegedly extends beyond just one’s immediate surroundings – some owners have claimed to experience accidents and mishaps outside their homes as well. In response to the widespread fear surrounding this painting, many fire departments across England banned it from being displayed publicly or sold at large retail shops.

Personal Accounts From Those Who Have Owned or Encountered This Painting

One individual shared an experience on an online forum where they claim to have witnessed supernatural activity from their copy of The Crying Boy: “I had heard about its curse beforehand but didn’t believe it until strange things began to happen at home. A few days later I saw what appeared to be tears streaming down its face”.

Another individual also recalls their own encounter with this haunted artifact: “I received a copy of it as a gift from my aunt who had no idea about its curse. Shortly after hanging it up on my wall, my dog suddenly became very agitated and began barking incessantly at the painting. I immediately took it down and threw it out, and after that, I never experienced anything unusual again.”

To this day, The Crying Boy remains a source of curiosity for many people fascinated by the supernatural. Despite its reputation for wreaking havoc on people’s lives, some still display the print in their homes – perhaps drawn to its dark allure or simply daring the curse to strike them next.

The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

History Behind the Mirror at Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, and is known for its beautiful antebellum architecture as well as its many ghostly legends. One of the most famous legends concerns a large mirror that hangs in the plantation’s main house.

Myrtles Plantation Mirror

According to the legend, the mirror was brought over from France in the 1700s and was originally owned by a woman named Sara Woodruff. Unfortunately, Sara died tragically before she could ever enjoy her new mirror.

Ghostly sightings associated with it

Several ghostly sightings have been associated with the Myrtles Plantation mirror over the years. Some people have reported seeing apparitions or strange shadows reflected in the glass, while others have claimed to see faces or other images that were not there before.

One of the most famous incidents involved a former owner of the plantation who claimed that he saw a handprint appear on the glass out of nowhere one night.

Personal accounts from those who have seen or interacted with this

Many visitors to The Myrtles Plantation have reported strange experiences when they look into Sara’s antique mirror. Some people report feeling an eerie presence around them when they stand in front of it, while others claim that they can hear whispers or faint voices coming from within.

Several visitors have also reported seeing strange symbols etched into the back of the glass. One visitor named Johnneen took a picture standing near to it and claims that she captured an unexplained hand reaching out towards her reflection within Sara’s antique French wood-framed looking glass.

The Eerie Tale of The Hands Resist Him Painting

In the vast world of haunted artifacts, there is one painting that has captured the imaginations and sent shivers down the spines of many. Its name? “The Hands Resist Him.”

The Hands Resist Him Cropped

With its unsettling imagery and a haunted history, this peculiar artwork has become an enigma, leaving people questioning its true nature.


“The Hands Resist Him” was created by artist Bill Stoneham in 1972. Its subject matter? A young boy and a life-sized, doll-like girl standing in front of a glass door covered in handprints. The painting was first displayed at a gallery in California and quickly gained attention for its peculiar aura.

The Haunting Begins

Soon after its exhibition, strange occurrences were reported. Gallery staff claimed that they could hear faint whispers and hushed giggles emanating from the painting.

Some even claimed that the figures in the painting would move on their own, their expressions transforming from innocent to menacing when no one was watching.

The Dark History

It was later discovered that the painting had been stored away in the attic of an unsuspecting family’s home for years. The family, who had originally acquired it from an art dealer, experienced a series of bizarre events. They would wake up to find the glass door in the painting wide open, as if inviting someone or something to cross over.

It is said that those who stared into the eyes of the painted figures would be overwhelmed by an unexplainable sense of dread.

The Curse or Coincidence?

As rumors and speculation about the painting’s supernatural powers spread, it gained a reputation as a cursed object. Some claimed that those who owned the painting faced misfortune or even death.

However, skeptics argued that these occurrences were mere coincidences, and the painting was nothing more than a creation of an imaginative artist.

Current Whereabouts

Today, “The Hands Resist Him” resides in a private collection, locked away from public view. Its current owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, insists that the painting possesses an undeniable energy.

Although the mysteries surrounding the painting continue to captivate the curious, it is unlikely that the truth behind its supernatural reputation will ever be fully revealed.

“The Hands Resist Him” remains a haunting enigma in the realm of haunted artifacts. Whether a true paranormal entity or simply a product of human imagination, its eerie presence continues to send shivers down the spines of those who dare to explore its dark history.

Should you ever come across this chilling painting, the choice to believe its haunting tales or dismiss them as mere folklore rests in your hands.

The Bewitched Busby Stoop Chair

The Haunting History

Our story begins in the quaint village of Thirsk, England, where a chilling legend surrounds an unassuming chair. Legend has it that in the 17th century, a certain Thomas Busby met an untimely end. Before his execution, he placed a curse on a chair that he believed to hold supernatural powers.

From that day forward, anyone who dared to sit on the chair would be doomed to face misfortune and death.

Now, let’s fast forward through the ages to witness the eerie events that have transpired. Over the years, those who have dared to defy the curse have met unfortunate fates.

Busby Stoop chair
Image: Credit

Numerous incidents were linked to the ill-fated chair, with many untimely deaths of those who had the audacity to take a seat. From freak accidents to mysterious illnesses, the list of casualties grew, fueling the chair’s sinister reputation.

The Cursed Chair’s Hold

But what makes this chair so formidable? Is it truly imbued with dark magic, or is it simply a case of unfortunate coincidences? Some skeptics argue that it’s all just superstition and the power of suggestion, while believers shudder at the mere thought of crossing paths with the cursed furniture.

Despite the legends and warnings, the Busby Stoop Chair has become a peculiar attraction for thrill-seekers and the curious alike. Brave souls from all corners of the world make their way to the cozy pub where the chair now resides, eager to test fate or witness the chilling aura surrounding it.

Visitors share their spine-tingling encounters and report strange occurrences, from inexplicable cold chills to unexplained whispers in the air. Is it the curse at work, or simply the power of suggestion taking hold?

A Dose of Skepticism

Naturally, skeptics have attempted to debunk the curse. Some argue that it’s merely a case of selective memory and confirmation bias, where incidents that fit the curse narrative are remembered, while those that don’t are conveniently forgotten. They propose that the chair’s popularity and the power of suggestion contribute to the perpetuation of the curse’s tale.

Yet, amidst the skepticism, there remain those incidents that defy logical explanations.

One particular account tells the story of a skeptic who, after scoffing at the curse, decided to sit in the Busby Stoop Chair for a photograph. Shortly after, he was involved in a car accident, leaving him shaken and questioning his doubts. Such inexplicable happenings keep the mystery alive, continuing to enthrall believers and non-believers alike.


Haunted artifacts can offer us glimpses into our past and remind us of moments long gone by. However, they can also bring with them dark energy and potentially dangerous hauntings. While some people may find the idea of owning a haunted artifact thrilling, it’s important to remember that these objects should be respected and treated with caution.

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, the stories behind haunted artifacts are fascinating and intriguing. Maybe one day, we’ll have all the answers to these mysterious objects, but for now, their legends continue to fascinate us all.

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