Spiritual Cleansing: How To Detect and Get Rid Of Ghosts

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By: Alex Postrado

A Guide To Cleansing A Place Of Ghosts

It is one thing to get spooked by a ghostly encounter in your school or in your workplace, but it is another having experienced that in the comfort of your home.

Your home is supposed to be your safe space.

So, if it is haunted by an unseen entity that has no business being there, it would certainly be hard to feel secure whenever you are in it.

To most people, however, moving to a new place when things go eerie is not that easy of an option. A lot of factors can stand in the way — be it financial, sentimental, or whatnot. So, when they are faced with a ghost situation at home, they tend to explore a few alternative options first.

One of which is getting rid of ghosts in a process called cleansing.

Is There a Ghost in Your Home?

Before we get to the real deal — A.K.A. learning how to properly cleanse a place of ghosts — it is important to first understand when exactly cleansing is needed.

There are instances where a suspected haunting may not really be what it seemed at first.

Sure — maybe there were noises and whispers, but frankly speaking, concluding that a place is indeed frequented by ghosts is not as easy as falling off a log.

First and foremost, you have to rule out any other factors that could be the cause of a supposed ‘paranormal’ activity.

Stuff, like a faulty electric line, pests, even neighbors — basically, all things mundane that you can think of!

And only when those factors are finally crossed out, shall you consider looking into the handful of telltale signs you are possibly dealing with ghosts.

Here are the most common indicators in that list:

  1. If you feel a sense of heaviness whenever you enter the place.
  2. If you constantly feel like someone nearby is watching you.
  3. If mysterious odors — which could be pleasant, putrid, or familiar — keep on emerging from “a localized area during a specific time of day.”
  4. If the room temperature frequently goes through sudden drops.
  5. If strange sounds and voices often try to get your attention.
  6. If flashes of light appear out of nowhere in the same area, at the same time, every day.
  7. If electronic devices in the place regularly turn on and off on their own.
  8. If items keep on disappearing from their usual spots, only to appear elsewhere.
  9. If you are chillingly frequented by nightmares or dreams where someone seems to be trying to communicate with you.
  10. If you randomly feel “a sensation of touch” whenever you are on the premises.
  11. If you have had glimpses of what looks to be a ghost or an uncanny figure somewhere inside the said location.

Many believe that crossing off at least 5 of these signs is required to correctly tag a situation as a real haunting.

And if you have arrived here with 5 or more of them on the list, then perhaps, learning how to do some cleansing is your next best — or maybe even, only — option.

spirit in a stairwell

How to Cleanse a Place of Ghosts

Clear out the space.

The easiest — perhaps, most basic — way of doing a cleansing is by literally clearing out your space, and throwing out your old and broken stuff. Even Feng Shui experts would agree to it!

Ghost or no ghost, a clear space automatically lightens up the ambiance. In a way, it represents both “internal and external clutter” that can generally invite negative energy.

And in the case of spirits, keeping your place messy and full of objects you no longer have a need for is one way to ‘welcome’ them, as it symbolizes your struggles with letting go of the past. And where do ghosts belong? Right, in the memories of the past.

Do Some Smudging

Smudging is a term that is definitely familiar to people who read about the occult. It also is likely one of the top answers when you type in and search “how to get rid of ghosts” on Google.

In a nutshell, it is a ritual ceremony of ancient Native American origins that involves the burning of dried herbs and plant resins, and the waving of the smoke, to purify any space or body.

Sage is the most common ceremonial smudge plant — although it is also believed that juniper and sweetgrass work just as well.

Metaphorically speaking, smudging helps ward off negativity, clear the field off of existing energy, and lead new, positive ones into space, with lesser hassle than other methods.

All that is required are as follows:

  • A bundle of your chosen herb;
  • A lighter or a pack of matches;
  • And a tray to catch the ashes as you walk around the place believed to be haunted by ghosts.

Some say that extra attention must be paid to the corners of the room you are cleansing, as they are known to act as boundaries between the physical place and the energy, or the spirit.

The best part about this purification method is that it is one of the less offensive (to the ghosts) options out there and yet it still sends the message.

Bring in the Crystals and Talismans

There are certain crystals that are claimed to be effective against unwanted spirits.

Protective crystals, like Smoky Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Shungite, and Black Tourmaline, are the most recommended, and placing them in “high-traffic areas” within your target space is said to be the way to do it.

The same goes for talismans, holy water, and other cleansing tools, as they, too, are all believed to keep harmful energies at bay.

Light a Few White Candles

Candles — more specifically, white candles — are also known to be an ally should you wish to repel ghosts or other unseen entities from your living space.

They are said to usher in positivity and clear out the opposite — leaving the area purified, and the energy field renewed.

Ring the Bells

The vibrations and ringing produced by bells have long been associated with dispersing evil energies and spirits.

This has been part of the superstitious beliefs and religious traditions since antiquity. And the way that it works is actually pretty straightforward.

Just head into the room you want to cleanse and ring a bell “a handful of times” — that’s it!

Or better yet, if — for some reason — you cannot find time to do that, just hang a couple of bells by your door and let them work their magic.

Salt the Room

If you are ready to get a bit more aggressive — just in case the spirit resists all the previous methods — you can always try what some call salt cleansing.

Again, the process is really simple.

Your options are:

  • To “fill a small bag with salt” and carry it around with you — could be in your purse — at all times;
  • Keep a bowl of salt in one corner of your target room or area;
  • To dissolve some salt in a bottle filled with water and spray it around the room;
  • Or to draw some lines of salt around the perimeter of the place — especially, by its entrance.


If salting still does not work for you, perhaps, it is time to confront the matter and “get to the root cause” of it.

Occult experts agree that many ghosts tend to stay in the mortal realm, not always because they choose to, but because they are unaware that they are already dead.

And chances are, the ones you are dealing with are only plainly confused. That is when communicating with them comes into place.

You can go from informal statements — the likes of, “Hey, I mean you no harm, but you are not supposed to be here in this world anymore. And I would appreciate it if you could tone it down or leave,” — to a more direct and formal approach — saying things like, “You are not welcome here,” then reciting specific prayers or positive mantras.

Of course, if you suspect that you are dealing with something more malevolent, this method is NOT for you.

But, in case it is, do not forget the last part of this practice:

Completely ignore the spirits.

As soon as you communicate your concern, pay them no further attention. This is said to get them “bored” and prompt them to finally leave you alone.

Banish The Spirits Once and for All

Finally, if all else fails, it is time to bring in backup.

It is because if you get to this point, you likely have a pretty stubborn and powerful ghost at hand. And who else is more skilled in handling those kinds of spirits than actual paranormal experts?

Along with them, you can perform several confrontational banishing spells.

A medium may even hold a seance to “contact the ghost directly” and help it “cross over from this plane into the next,” if necessary.

But, the point is, while there may be other options you can try your luck out at first, there are also situations best left in the hand of the professionals.


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